Building technology producing all energy
 the building consumes solely by Solar.


A new technology that enables a solar power roof with water heating with up to 100% energy savings per year and 50% cost saving upon installation compared to traditional roof & solar panel solutions. The solution is regarded patentable by a third party legal advisor and with limited investments and access to a first customer; this is the base of a easily scalable business.


Technology for installation of Solar Heating collectors and Photovoltaic modules has not been changed since 40 years. Modules will be placed over waterproof Building construction with support construction and Frames with screw connection. Research and development has been concentrated in efficiency of the active part in modules-Solar absorbators and Photovoltaic cells.


Building material-sandwich has been developed to compete other traditional building materials and properties has been better than traditional building technology. The unique properties of Sandwich-Low weight and strong construction is the ground for invention. Using Sandwich can the Roof and Façade sections be prefabricated with all Solar technology integrated.


Adhesive fixing technology has been developed for Automotive industry and it revolutionized the construction of Cars produced today.


The invention will use similar Adhesive fixing technology to get an absolutely waterproof and strong construction. Invention reduces production costs by 40-50% of Conventional Building integrated Solar technology by using less material and reducing installation time. The Invention increases Life cycle for the installation up to 50 years.


The result of Invention will be Self-carrying Building material including Solar Thermal and Photovoltaic technology. All prefabricated in factory ready for transport to Building area.


Land based and Floating constructions available for maximal flexibility.