Building technology producing all energy
 the building consumes solely by Solar.



The idea of the Invention:






The company provides complete solutions for the Customer. Project leading , installation and production following and documentation. The customer will get clear documentation and data of energy production by directly following technology by Monitoring. The customer gets information of Energy production which can be used in Sustainable profiling of the company.


Technology may be used geographically where the Solar energy before was not economically. Properties with large roof area and big Energy consumtion will be the main customer profiles. Both new buildings and Energy renovated older buildings.Land based and floating buildings.


The result of invention will be the unique building material absolutely waterproof and protected from the Elements. More energy effective and lower energy consumtion will be the selling ideas.


Building technology producing all energy the building consumes solely by Solar.




Sandwich from Kenpo-Sandwich:

  • Thickness 200 mm
  • Weight 13,2 kg/m2
  • U=0,162
  • EIR 30


Solar collector:

  • Dimension 1200x2400 mm
  • Lazerplate  absorbator, Foamglass 50mm, Opti-white glass.
  • Production: 500 kwh/m2/year/Gothenburg

                              1000-1200 kwh/m2/year/ Valencia


Solar Modules:

  • Dimension 595x1200x3 mm
  • Parallelly connected
  • Flexible modules MPP 83 w, Efficiency 16%
  • Production: 150-170 kwh/m2/year/Gothenburg

                              300-350 kwh/m2/year/Valencia



  • Zero City Farm
  • Noise reduction Barriers for Airports and Highways
  • Solar Field solution
  • Electric transport vehicle
  • XShore Electric
  • Solar Sea Transporter
  • Energy renovation
  • Active House constructions
  • Large area building integrating/ Sport arenas, Airports, Storage buildings, Markets.
  • Land-or water based Solar fields.

Composite from OCCT

  • Strong and low weight material.
  • Water and airproof construction.
  • Effective insulation.
  • Long Life Cycle.
  • For floatin building solutions.

Composite integrated  Solar collector

  • Low material cost for installation.
  • High effectivity.
  • Water and air proof construction.
  • Effective corrosion proof.
  • Long Life Cycle.

Solar Collectors Maratongången 2. - Sweden At work since 2006. Including floor-integrated heating and ventilation recycling by heat exchanger.


  • Is there problems with high temperature with PV modules?

    The modules are new innovative type with heat reflective materials eliminating the Efficiency loss in higher temperatures.


  • Is it possible to remove PV modules?

    Yes, modules could be replaced similary like Ceramic plates.


  • How the Life cycle will be longer?

    All pipe and electrical connection will be inside building protected from the Elements outside following failure and disconnection reduction to minimal. Absolutely water-and air-proof construction keep the absorbator clean inside.


  • What kind of PV Modules could be used?

    All kind of modules; Poly, Mono, Thin Film, Organic

  • Why use the Sandwich when we have so much Wooden building material in Scandinavia?

    We leave the trees in the Nature to do they are aimed for: Absorb CO2( Carbod dioxide) and produce O2( Oxygene). We shall work active to stop Deforesting!

Composite integrated Solar PV Modules

  • Effective installation, reduces material cost.
  • Water and air proof construction.
  • Effective corrosion protection.
  • Flexible construction for all kind of Solar cells.
  • Long Life Cycle.

Water proof construction

  • Climate protective joint material.
  • Effective insulation.
  • Long Life Cycle.
  • No frames or screws used for installation.


Flexible PV modules Huaxu Energy 120W

Sandwich from Kenpo-Sandwich/Novasip

Sections fixed together

Ready Demo section - Including 10 modules

Support wall of Sandwich

Back side with the Inverter

Technical information

  • Dimensions: 2500x2800x100 mm.
  • Total Solar area: 6,4m2
  • Total power 1200w.
  • Module Efficiency 22%
  • Energy production 1408kwh/year at 1000 Solar hours/year. Expected production in Brazil 3000kwh/year.
  • Section size at the automatically production line: 2500x5500x150mm with 20modules. Totally power 2400w.